ShieldPod Wearable Protective Barrier

Posted: August 02, 2021
ShieldPod Wearable Protective Barrier
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Who's in the market for an XXXXXL condom...for your entire upper body? The ShieldPod is a "wearable protective barrier" from Under the Weather, who have appeared to pivot their line of sit-down wearable rain and bug shields into germ- and virus-blockers for teachers, travelers, checkers, and people who have to go back to the office and sit at a desk in this wonderful world of COVID we now live in.

ShieldPods are pop-up structures with backpack straps that mostly encompass the wearer from the waist up. The "mostly" being the Pod has armholes and an open bottom to allow for limb use, comfortable movement, and easy entry points after all for the germs you're trying to block out.

While the ShieldPod is as streamlined as Under the Weather could make it, it's still a pretty bulky wearable, and I bet it would spill over into the seat next to you on an airplane, especially since airplane seats are only, like, 7" wide these days. Too bad, since I have to go to Disease Central (i.e., Florida) at the end of the month and would be down to wear the ShieldPod in that heat and humidity to ruffle all the anti-vaxers' feathers if I thought it would actually work. In better protecting me from Delta, that is. It would definitely get the feather-ruffling job done.

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