Sexy Chest Christmas Sweatshirt

Posted: December 07, 2017
Sexy Chest Christmas Sweatshirt
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Hairy Christmas, dudes! Wear this Sexy Chest Christmas Sweatshirt to your holiday party and watch Mrs. Claus become Mrs. Can't Keep Her Claus Off You. You'll not only put all the other Ugly Christmas Sweaters to shame, you'll outclass all the other tatts and nipple rings in the room too! Add some Beardaments, drop the mic, and tell Santa to step aside: Old St. Nick from the North Pole is about to be replaced by Little Nicky St. Angelo from Jersey City.

Sexy Chest Christmas Sweatshirts come in sizes S through XXXL. If you're attending your holiday party with a lovely lady planning to go as Nicky's elf, perhaps she would be interested in wearing her boots and skirt over the Sexy Chest Swimsuit.

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