Optimus Prime Hoodie

Posted: October 02, 2012
Optimus Prime Hoodie
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They call the Optimus Prime Hoodie a costume, but come on. I would rock that shizit out any day of the year. Particularly days when I feel like spontaneously transforming into a brave and wise leader of robots (with accompanying mouth-made sound effects) in a large, semi-quiet public space, such as the Albuquerque airport or jury duty waiting room. Costume. Please. This zip-front hoodie featuring spacious kangaroo pockets and appliqued Transformer adornments is about to become one of my wardrobe staples.

Available in sizes S through 3XL, the Optimus Prime Hoodie design includes cotton and polyester blend expressions of Autobot lights, windows, and grills. The half-mask summoned forth by zipping the hood is fully lined with blue satin fabric, and sports topstitched accents and foam-lined antennae. A white Autobots logo is screenprinted on the upper left sleeve.

Muchas danke to Jamie B. for the product suggestion.

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