Black Cotton Swabs

Posted: February 09, 2019
Black Cotton Swabs
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What's the syllable count for a haiku again? Because I think that's what Daiso Japan was going for in their Black Cotton Swab description:

It is a black cotton swab were formulated antibacterial agent.
It is easy to take in the one-touch case.
It looks good so black that.
It is easy to clean.

Oh, and one more thing: why the waxy ear particulates do we need black Q-Tips anyway? Doesn't that make it harder to tell if you've got anything on the swabby end? I mean, the only good thing about cleaning out my ear holes to begin with is the excitement I feel when the Q-Tip emerges especially golden, maybe with a nice nugget or two sticking off the end of it. Where's the sick and glorious satisfaction with a black cotton swab?

Maybe you just like it because it matches your bathroom.

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