Comfy Boys Intimate Deodorant for Men

Posted: August 24, 2018
Comfy Boys Intimate Deodorant for Men
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You've got your Asswipes to keep your backside in check, but if the front is still a little...swampy...Comfy Boys says it can turn your swamp crotch into a fresh open field of grass. On a sunny, 65-degree day with low humidity. The intimate deodorant for men is a lotion-style tube of bacteria-fighting, wetness-elimination, odor-blocking instant gratification.

For you, and for anyone else who may encounter your man parts throughout the day.

The 4-ounce bottle of Comfy Boys serves as a solution to sweats below the belt. It helps prevent odors and moisture buildup in the region and, according to the lotion's makers, won't leave behind any residues or clumps like underarm deodorant. Which makes me wonder if I can't use Comfy Boys as underarm deodorant too....

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