Blackout Bands - Sleep Mask Sunglasses

Posted: January 01, 2016
Blackout Bands - Sleep Mask Sunglasses
Check It Out

Three things: 1) Welcome to 2016; 2) I've got a little something for your hangover. Especially if you have to open your eyes today; and 3) Kellan Lutz isn't a vampire, but he does play one in the worst movies in the history of filmmaking. So probably that, plus being famous and sleep deprived and camera flashed at all the time, plus having regular wicked hangovers from partying with ballers and supermodels--which I'm sure you and your New Year's Eve celebration can relate to--led Kellan Lutz to invent Blackout Bands. Blackout Bands are hyper-tinted sunglasses that block out 95% to 98% of incoming light. Like a sleep mask, but less likely to get your sanity questioned when worn in public. As Lutz and his cohorts say, "Blackout Bands are good for anywhere you just need to check out."

From air travel to beach time, Blackout Bands are designed to take the world away. Use them to grab a nap, nurse a headache, or make talking to an ugly person much more pleasant. The glasses come in 2 flat-to-the-face styles, Night Hawk and Ninja, both of which let in only enough light for the wearer to see shapes when the eyes are open. They are made of polycarbonate frames and also offer UV protection.

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