My Neighbor Totoro Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed

Posted: May 24, 2016
My Neighbor Totoro Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed

Totoro. My neighbor. My friend. My giant pillow of a bed. I think this version of the rotund-bellied wood spirit might even be to scale with the original anime Totoro. And even if your kids have no idea what My Neighbor Totoro is (or what Japanese anime is, for that matter) there's no way they're not going to love climbing inside the built-in sleeping bag of a supersized stuffed-animal-turned-twin-bed to watch Despicable Me for the 87th time.

Your wife might not mind snuggling in to watch The Real Housewives either.

The Totoro sofa bed is basically a big furry sack stuffed with a mixture of polyester and cotton padding. It measures 90" x 69".

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