Nintendo Baby Teethers

Posted: April 15, 2023
Nintendo Baby Teethers
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I mean, I know Game Boys and NES controllers aren't common household items anymore, but won't giving your kids Nintendo Baby Teethers teach them to chew on all your handheld gaming devices and video game console accessories?

I also saw some "cute 'n' clever" baby teethers that look like television remote controls. Really?! If you let your kid lick and slobber and break its teeth on one of those, you deserve to have your real remotes busted up and short circuited and rendered incapable of switching from HGTV to the NBA Finals right before tip-off.

I guess the Nintendo Baby Teethers are OK though, as long as your baby isn't smart enough to generalize that they belong to larger categories of gaming technology, all of which should therefore be permissible to put in his or her mouth. Both the Game Boy and NES Controller Teether are made of silicone, and suitable for babies 3 months and up.

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