Self-Installing Car Seat

Posted: November 26, 2016

The 4moms self-installing car seat may not be the most sparkly, fun, or pampering gift for new moms to unwrap this holiday season, but it could prove to be the greatest they've ever received. Paired with its watchdog app, the 4moms car seat installs itself correctly each time you load up Jr. by automatically leveling and tensioning (even when you're parked on an incline), plus giving you a visible and audible alert that the installation has been verified before each ride.

From there, the car seat monitors its status nonstop throughout use, and if you happen to get out of the car forgetting you still have a snoozing cherub inside, you'll get a beep or buzz from 4moms reminding you not to leave your precious cargo behind.

To set up the self-installing car seat you'll enter the make and model of your car, and receive seat position recommendations based on that information. You'll also get reminders to adjust the seat harness and headrest based on entered data about your kiddo's height, weight, and projected growth. Another 4moms alert sounds when the little weed is outgrowing the seat.

The 4moms car seat has been tested for crash safety at force levels 2 times the NHTSA standard, and passes the NHTSA proposed standard for side impact protection. It is suitable for use with children from 4 to 30 pounds, and includes a newborn insert.

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