HOKA TenNine Sneakers

Posted: March 11, 2020
HOKA TenNine Sneakers
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Baby. Got. Back. If you'd like some sneakers to help you get rid of a big, saggy ass, I present for your consideration HOKA TenNines. Sneakers that themselves have a big, saggy ass.

HOKA One One, a higher end, yet highly functional athletic shoe brand, didn't just make their TenNine sneakers rump-shakin' for show, either. The extended sole is intended to provide increased stability and grip, plus manage impact on the wearer's heels, thanks to its expanded ground contact area. The effect, according to HOKA, is especially noticeable when running downhill and on uneven terrain. TenNines are not, however, your best feet friends for doing stairs and driving.

Above their warped-looking soles, TenNine sneakers mesh and Lycra uppers to accommodate foot swelling during activity. The sneaks' overall weight is just 12.65 ounces.

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