Hollow Massage Sandals & Shower Shoes

Posted: April 18, 2023
Hollow Massage Sandals & Shower Shoes
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I don't think these hollow-soled massage sandals / shower shoes were 3D printed, but they sure do look like they belong at a family reunion with footwear that was. Zellerfelds. The Cryptide Adidas 4DFWDs. But, hey, if they clear my frontal sinuses, tickle my pituitary gland, and stimulate my descending colon like their acupressure points say they do, know where else the webby wonders belong?

On my feet.

The cutouts in the sandals combine with their hollow soles to make them ultra-lightweight and fast drying, both nice features of a pair of shower shoes. They are obviously waterproof too. Made of flexible PVC, the sandals are also "strong enough to be bent, hit, tortured as you need." So once you go all rage room on them to channel your anger after being told your publicly traded, multi-billion dollar company "can't afford' to pay bonuses this year, slip them on and step into the shower for a nice foot massage while you wash away the remnant anger and frustration of a bad day.

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