Parasoles - 3D Recovery Socks with Polymer Soles

Posted: March 30, 2019
Parasoles - 3D Recovery Socks with Polymer Soles
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While I haven't tried Parasoles myself, I have seen the funky sock-shoes in action on another dude at my gym. He flippin'-tires loves them. Always tries to get me to try them on and see for myself, but uh, these so-called 3D recovery socks definitely look and feel like socks on the top (thick, kind of meshy socks, but still socks) and no way am I putting on some sweaty dude's sweaty socks, even if they will "change my feet's life forever."

Also, I keep waiting for him to stub a toe re-racking the Smith machine, or pop out of his Parasoles Zion Williamson style pushing the sled.

According to Parasoles their footwear pairs "the comfort and freedom of a compression sock with key properties of a supportive anatomical insole." Only here, the insole is the outsole, a 3D-printed piece of polymer similar to Skinners barefoot sock shoes, but with a more complex, and seemingly more foot-conscious design.

Parasoles says their sole gives wearers dynamic arch support and improves the distribution of pressure throughout the foot whether you're wearing them to work out or just walk around town. Gathering many a strange look from people thinking someone let the scatterbrain / old loon out of the house without his shoes. But indeed, Parasoles are suitable for wear indoors or out. And when they get dirty and gym-bro sweaty? Just throw them in the washing machine.

Where I could see myself wearing Parasoles is around the house, as a substitute for slippers. They're lightweight and won't fall off and, more importantly, are non-slip on my wood floors and, as a gift for my mom, the wood stairs she's constantly batting not to slip up or down when busy bodying around the house in her socks. Seriously, Mama, if you fall and break an arm, who's going to bake me carrot cakes and the special meat sauce I like?

Parasoles recovery socks come in a few different colors, and sets are custom sized with right foot-left foot specific fits. The sock portion is 90% nylon, 9% spandex, and 1% rayon, while the printed sole is a generative designed proprietary polymer.

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