PUMA Calibrate Runner Sneakers with XETIC Technology

Posted: August 31, 2020
PUMA Calibrate Runner Sneakers
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PUMA says their new street-ready Calibrate Runner Sneakers are "a scientific advancement by human and machine." So, sorry namesake cougars, you're getting replaced by robots too.

A collaboration between PUMA and MIT Design Lab, Calibrate Runner Sneakers are the first in the brand's line to incorporate a combination of mechanical cushioning and foam - they call it XETIC technology - into their midsoles. It's not a 3D-printed shoe, and no plastic is involved. The term "XETIC" comes from auxetic materials, structures that respond in specific, consistent ways when they undergo mechanical stresses, compression being the key one here.

PUMA says using XETIC in the Calibrate Runner Sneakers provides visible cushioning that compresses and then rebounds with each step, making the shoes comfortable not only for running, but for walking, training, and general wear.

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