Reef Men's Mulligan II Flip Flops

Posted: May 15, 2020
Reef Men's Mulligan II Flip Flops
$39.60 - $45
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One question: what the fairway is up with that bulging golf ball embedded in the Mulligan II Flip Flops' footbed? Reef's only reference to it is to say their golf fan's footwear has a "molded golf ball logo." Yeah, more like molded golf ball rock in your shoe. Even squishy and made of EVA foam, that doesn't look like something I want digging into my heel, whether I'm not walking 18 holes that day or not.

Other than the domed golf ball quandary, the Mulligan II Flip Flops fall right in line with Reef's reputation for making chillaxin'-friendly beach sandals. In addition to their obvious golf course gussying - fairway footbeds, dimpled straps with 19th hole flags and elastic bands that hold removable Reef golf tees - the flip flops also include Reef's signature flair, a church key bottle opener integrated into the rubber outsole.

Giddy-up, gift hunters. The Mulligan IIs have Father's Day gift for Dad flip floppin' all over them.

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