SUBU Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Posted: January 06, 2022
SUBU Indoor/Outdoor Slippers
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Yeah. SUBU Indoor / Outdoor Slippers are indoor / outdoor slippers until the first time you wear them outdoors on the snowy, wet, muddy, dead-leaf-and-grass-strewn surfaces of winter. Then they become, exclusively, SUBU Outdoor Slippers.

These cozy Japanese slides are lined with cushy faux fur, and described as "a warm down-jacket for your feet." So at least if you do end up getting them too dirty for indoor wear, SUBUs will keep your feet toasty as mail retrieval, dog walking, and grocery run slippers. They're also packable, and come with a folding band and storage sack, so you can take them on camping, cabin, and RV trips.

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