Casio G-Shock Glacier Gold 35th Anniversary Watch

Posted: October 22, 2018
Casio G-Shock Glacier Gold 35th Anniversary Watch

Casio is celebrating 35 years of G-Shock this year. And while they still have 15 more to go to reach their golden anniversary, they've decided to commemorate the beloved watch line with a special edition G-Shock Glacier Gold collection.

There are 4 different G-Shock watches in the Glacier Gold roundup, all based on previous watch models, but spiffed up with (birthday suit appropriate) translucent jelly bands and cover, and golden cases and faces. The listing here focuses on the original G-Shock's Glacier Gold take.

Casio's DW-5000C began the G-Shock empire in 1983 with an unassuming octo-shape and simple digital date/time readout. For 2018, the Glacier Gold DW5035E-7 replicates all of its predecessor's design and tech features, with the obvious additions of the new color scheme, plus a "Since 1983" in red taking over for the "Water Resistant 200m" notation. (The Glacier Gold G-Shock is still water resistant to 200 meters.)

Other Glacier Gold models on offer include the DW5735E-7, another digital watch, but with a round face, based on the G-Shock DW5700. Then there are two analog / digital G-Shocks, the GA-735E-7A and GA835E-7A, based on the GA-710. These two watches similar in style, but the GA-735E-7A is the larger at 53.4mm wide.

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