Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

Posted: May 10, 2020
Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids
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If my mama had installed a Ninja Warrior obstacle course in our backyard when I was a kid, she could have saved herself a lot of the yelling and arguments that ensued when she told me to get off the Nintendo and go play outside. A slackline with a bevy of swinging, dangling, and climbing attachments? That would have been like a real life Nintendo game, and probably even more fun to play. I would have gladly gotten the hell-bound devil child out of her hair if I had a Ninja Warrior obstacle course awaiting me out back instead of torn-up Slip 'N Slide and the neighbor's fat cat, Willard.

For today's parents experiencing similar challenges with their kids - and more, given that most playgrounds and outdoor activities could remain closed through the summer - this 10-piece obstacle course kit could absorb all your kids' pent-up energy and restlessness, and restore some of your own indoor peace and sanity.

Intended both for American Ninja Warriors in the making, and kiddos as young as 5 just learning about balance and coordination, the obstacle course consists of a 60' slackline with steel ratchet you can tension-mount either overhead for hanging challenges, or like a tightrope underfoot. When installed overhead, the line supports accessories such as a swing, a notched climbing rope, a net ladder, triangle and round rings, and trapeze holds.

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