Rubika 3D Illusion Rubik's Cube Bookcase

Posted: October 27, 2017
Rubika 3D Illusion Rubik's Cube Bookcase

George Bosnas' Rubika sends your brain on a different kind of trip. Rather than teaming up with your fingers and using pattern recognition, movement visualization, and memory to solve a puzzle, your brain and eyes share in this Rubik's Cube-style bookcase's 3D optical illusion.

The Rubika design is pretty simple - a trio of diamonds, or slanted squares, or rhombi, 2 of which are reflected, with the third pushed up against them. Inside each shape are small shelves of the same shape.

However, the Rubika effect is pretty...woah. The first thing I see is a 3-dimensional cube protruding from the wall. The colors set it off very nicely. Good job, George. Knowing that the bookcase is a flat (well, more flat than I'm seeing it) object, I can then readjust my brain to see it as that flat, single axis across the front. But then...the third way of viewing the Rubika sets in: as a room with 2 walls and a floor. An inverted 3D optical illusion. And now my brain just keeps flipping between the 3 views, confused and struggling to determine which is the "real" one it should settle on.

It's making me wish I hadn't eaten all that candy corn at lunch.

The Rubika Bookcase is made from MDF (engineered wood) with veneer or lacquer in your choice of colors. Here's a GIF of some of your choices, along with another nifty way of seeing the shelving unit as a Rubik's Cube.

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