Projects Terra-Time Watch

Posted: May 23, 2021
Projects Terra-Time Watch
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The Terra-Time Watch from Projects was designed by James Wines and Alex Donahue of SITE, and takes its inspiration from various earthly pursuits - contour maps, topographical models, stone quarry excavations, and agricultural terraces. But the thing about the Terra-Time Watch that inspires me is the memory it stirs in my soul of a long-forgotten song I wrote in 5th grade.

It was predicted that we would have a major earthquake that year, and we had to do safety drills in preparation for it every week in school. (Safety drills mostly consisted of hiding under our desks.) Anyway, I, in all my linguistic glory, decided to write a song about the impending doom. I called it "Earthquake Time." The Projects Watch being called Terra-Time reminded me of it. Would you like to hear it? No? Okay, just one verse:

All your china's gonna break, break, break
We're gonna have an earthquake, quake, quake
Better drop and co-o-ver
[Sung in ultra-low James Earl Jones voice] 'Cause it's Earthquake Time!

The Terra-Time Watch features 6 graphic layers descending in depth across its face, all heavily sandblasted to create a monochromatic gray aesthetic. Its brushed stainless steel case measures 40mm in diameter, and its gray silicone band 20mm.

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